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The future of filament management is almost here!

Spül is the first IoT internet-enabled filament tracker, manager, and runout sensor developed for both 3D printing hobbyists and professionals.


In a world that's printing bigger than ever, material management is key.  

  • Will this spool last through the rest of my 2-day print?

  • How much material have I gone through so far?

  • How much material is left in this print?

  • I wonder if this spool is big enough to make it through...

These are questions many of us ask ourselves almost every day. Being able to answer these questions will lead to better and more efficient 3D printing.

Spül Tracking unit

True Accuracy

SPÜL's Tracking Unit uses an ultra precise and compact encoder system. It will ping the filament's travel over 4000 times per rotation of the guide wheel!

Web Interface

 When connected to a network or its access point, SPÜL's online interface displays important material telemetry and allows you to adjust advanced tracking parameters.

Spül length tracking

Track Length

SPÜL's advanced encoder system allows your Tracking Unit to track the length of filament pulled past the guide wheel down to micron accuracy.

Spül Weight Tracking

Track Weight

With one of the10 preset or custom material density profiles and the length data SPÜL receives from the Tracking Unit, we can calculate the weight of the filament used to the hundredth of a gram.

Spül Runout Detector

Runout Detector

SPÜL's Clog and Runout Detection System signals your printer to pause when a lack of filament movement is detected over an adjustable predesignated period of time. 



As you can imagine, research and development can be expensive.

Donations can help fund the speedy launch of Spül!

Plus, donate $2 or more dollars and receive a free Spül sticker! 

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